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Hold Your Crown Connects Youth with Local, State and National Mental Health Resources

Founded by Youth for Youth

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Meet the Executive Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

A Message from Our Founder

I founded Hold Your Crown with my band mates because youth mental illness has hit pandemic levels and is generally left untreated.  Stigma is the greatest barrier for young people who need help.  Young people feel trapped with nowhere to go because of the shame created from stigma.  When I was in high school, six of my classmates died by suicide.  Most of us had no idea how severely they were in mental pain.  So many kids and young adults I know are self- medicating, suffering from eating disorders, depression, anxiety and cutting with no support to get help.  I had to ask myself why is all this happening?  The answer is clear.  The stigma about youth mental illness is real and it is life threatening.  So I decided that youth mental illness would be the cause I focus on as my band received more public attention.  The bravest thing any of us can do is get help.  Through youth helping youth – peer to peer we can change perception and dismantle stigma.


 Cameron Lavi-Jones


In Alphabetical Order

Before this Hold Your Crown Presentation, I kept everything about how I have been feeling to myself so that other kids would not call me out on my cutting. King Youngblood kept it real and gave our class a list of confidential resources to look into.  Cameron was so cool to talk to especially when he told us how dope his therapist is.  People most days have no idea what I am going through but today I felt seen.”

Milo – 15, Shorecrest Highschool, pronouns He/Him


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